Friday, June 20, 2014

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening In A Link To The Past Style

Every now and again I update my site, making sure links aren't broken and what not. I like to keep resources around, and I've had the domain for quite some time now. Everything is just stuffed away on the site's main forum so I can see activity for each section. There's a small project I did where I "re-textured" Link's Awakening sprites into the style of A Link To The Past. I like how many people over time have styled the small sprites into something wonderful. So I did my own take on it. Overall I'm pleased with the outcome, but I never did create a good solution for the water tiles.

I decided to post this up, I think I will also post other project sprites I have done in the future. The tiles use the GBA port of A Link To The Past for most of the pallets. Credits go out to Revned, for supplying the original ripped maps (, and to Moon who created the original Eagle's Tower scheme (Very nicely colored).





  1. Hi there,

    My name is Liam Stewart and I'm a software developer in the UK, I'm currently developing an Online RPG targeting android devices and the PC (cross platform gameboy style mmo anyone? :D), and I was wondering if these works are recolours or original?

    The style is exactly what I am looking for and you've done a beautiful job of it, if the tiles are original works I would be very interested in licensing them for use from you if at all possible? They look really great, this is what I imagine an online gameboy style rpg from my dreams looking like.

    Great work, thanks for your time :)

  2. It's a mix, some are straight from lttp, others are created or edited in the style of lttp (Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past) Unfortunately they were intended for fangames, and might get you in hot water if used commercially. Otherwise free to use.

  3. I'm wondering if there are already ROM hacks out there using these tiles for a "Link's Awakening" ALttP-lookalike Zelda 4 experience. I'd lick my fingers to play such a version. :)

    Good work!